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Rheem R97V gas furnace: This Prestige series, modulating gas furnace, and has many comfort features built-in. Not only is it extremely quiet, but it modulating heating capacity really enhances the comfort in your home, it has an efficiency of 97%+ AFUE, variable blower, which all adds up to quiet and even heating throughout your home. The Rheem R98V is coming soon!!!


Rheem R96VA gas furnace: This Prestige series, 2 stage gas furnace (high and low heating capacity) and a 96% AFUE, with ECM variable blower motor. This furnace will make your home very comfortable.


Rheem R95PA gas furnace: This furnace is among the quietest of the standard 95% high efficiency furnaces. This furnace is for the person that wants a high quality basic high efficiency furnace. Also see Rheem R92PA gas furnace: the same as the R95PA but slightly less efficient, and only has a 20 year heat exchanger warranty.


Rheem R801S 80% gas furnace: One of the quietest 80% furnaces. Your best choice for a mid-efficiency gas furnace.


Rheem RA13 air conditioner: Is efficient, quiet, and dependable, with efficiencies of up to 15.5 SEER.


Rheem RA16 air conditioner: Has efficiencies up to 16 SEER. They, like all Rheem products, are solidly built, quiet, and extremely dependable.


Rheem RA17 air conditioner: This is Rheem's 2 stage air conditioner efficiencies up to 17 SEER. The main advantage of a 2 stage air conditioner, is that, it dehumidifiers so much better then a 1 stage air conditioner, thus, make your home extremely comfortable.


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Many Rheem furnaces and air conditioners qualify for Wisconsin Focus on Energy Rewards.

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