APCO UV Light w-Carbon System

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Aprilaire 5000 electronic/media air cleaner Merv 16



Aprilaire 1410 Air Cleaner



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High efficiency air filters are very important. Government studies have concluded that many times, air inside the home is more contaminated than outside air. The solution to this problem is ventilation and high efficiency filtering. Our most popular filters are pictured here, you can click on them to get a brochure.

The Respicaire and Air Screen air cleaners are unique, because they are very efficient and generally do not require duct modifications, and if you move, you can take your high efficiency filter with you.

We, stock, filter medias, for most popular brands of filters and air cleaners. Such as:

  • SpaceGard/Aprilaire
  • Air Bear
  • Respicaire
  • Air Screen
  • Honeywell
  • Dynamic, 5 year warranty, removes odors, super efficient

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