My List

Brand of furnace or air conditioner wanted: Logo York Rheem EnergiAir, the brands we install

Type of gas furnace wanted:   Single stage   Two stage    Three stage   Modulating*

Thermostat wanted:    Standard    Programmable

Efficiency of the furnace wanted:    80%   95%+

Type of furnace blower wanted:    Standard Blower   Variable ECM blower* (very electrically efficient)

Your preferred location of vent pipes for furnace (the closer to furnace the better):______________

Type of air conditioner wanted:    Single stage    Two stage*    Other

Your preferred location for air conditioner (the closer to furnace the better):___________________

Air filtering system wanted:    Standard    Media type    Electronic/media type    The most efficient

Humidifier system wanted:    Yes     No

Ultra violet germicidal light wanted:     Yes    No

Zoning system, for greater comfort(great for 2 story homes) wanted:    Yes    No

Fresh air intake and exhaust system(HRV) wanted:    Yes    No

Condensate pump to keep drain hoses off the floor:    Yes    No

In the summer, when your home is cooling, is it still too humid?    Yes    No

Does your home feel very dry in the winter?    Yes    No      What about very humid?    Yes    No

Warranty (parts and labor) wanted:    Standard    Five year    Ten year

* = indicates that there could incentives, available to you, for these high efficiency products.  HVAC = Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning   ECM motor = Electronically Commutated Motor (very electrically efficient)   HRV = Heat Recovery Ventilators

Furnace types: The single stage furnace (being probably what you have now, are simply (on)100% capacity or (off); going to a modulating furnace (which could be (on) from 35% to 100% capacity, depending on the current requirements of your home or (off). Modulating furnaces are the most comfortable, because it more evenly heats your home, because they run much longer at a lower energy consumption. Two and three stage furnaces are more comfortable then single stage furnaces, but not as comfortable as the truly modulating furnaces.Types of furnace blowers: Standard blowers have 1 to 4 speeds, they have been used on furnaces for years and years. The variable ECM blower does not have 'speeds' at all, instead it delivers the exact amount of air required for heating or air conditioning, so its 'speeds' vary with current conditions. It is very efficient, that's why there are government incentives on these ECM blowers.